Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch

The HR is built on a very stylish and modern design along with the very latest performance components. It integrates the latest, cutting edge technologies which will have its benefits in every way.

The fitness benefits are well documented with a great variety of health benefits that have been seen in the recent scientific research. The new generation of wearable technology can be seen to deliver new physical fitness benefits.

In essence, the HR is based on a new material and an intelligent control unit. It is designed to provide the wearer with excellent wireless connectivity and a variety of sensors for a more natural experience and improved exercise performance.

The HR is compatible with popular smart watch brands, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, and Huawei.

Steel HR Sport is a hybrid smartwatch specifically designed for your workout, featuring heart rate monitoring, multi-sport tracking, connected GPS and a Fitness Level assessment via VO2 Max estimation. All of these advanced features are housed in a classic timepiece that goes the distance with water resistance up to 50m, a long-life battery of up to 25 days, and a durable stainless steel case.

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