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You can get Kindle books from Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, and any of the above listed stores. If you don’t have access to Amazon, Smashwords, or some other Amazon-owned website, you can find them at various online stores that specialize in ebooks. All those ebooks are free (although there are plenty of paid books available).

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

We also recommend getting your books from the US government’s Open Content, which is managed by Amazon. (You can also download books to your PC or Mac.)

What are the advantages of purchasing your books through Amazon? This post contains an overview of the Amazon Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, as well as an overview of the Amazon Lending Library, to help you understand why it’s worth the investment.

One great thing about being able to start creating your personal reading library is it lets you create a list and then use that list to build your personal library of books, with the help of your favourite authors.

It’s the perfect tool for getting started, but there’s more to it to it than that.

The secret to finding good books isn’t the books themselves – it’s using the right tools in the right order.

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