About Philips BT6900A/37 Wireless Speaker

The best wireless speakers on the market.

It’s truly one of the best speakers on the market.

I’ve had this particular model for a while now. It does all that comes to mind when you think of great wireless speakers: it gets loud and it’s extremely powerful.

The Philips has been quite popular for years as a high quality set of wireless speakers. They have a compact size and are very useful for a living room or bedroom. The BT6900A/37 (as well as the BT6900/37) have great sound and are really versatile, even for a bedroom stereo. The BT6900A/37s are quite expensive but the speakers are extremely versatile and can be put very well in any room. I personally don’t think they are very good value, so if you are into music streaming then I would recommend this set of speakers. However, I really like to have a large audio system in my living room or bedroom and this set of speakers are a really good value for money.

The Philips BT6900A/37 Wireless Speaker contains a built-in microphone, a USB audio out jack that can be used to connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to your Mac, and Bluetooth connection on the back of the speaker.

The BT6900A/37 has a built-in speaker with dual integrated subwoofers that deliver a good enough sound that you can easily play songs in your car.

Weighing in at just under 17 pounds, the Philips BT6900A/37 wireless speaker is the ideal choice for anyone who needs to enjoy the sound of their iPod or iPhone on the road.

Audio quality

The wireless speaker in the Philips BT6900A/37 comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth functionality that lets you play music from your smartphones, and listen to podcasts and music on the big screen.

Connect an iPhone or iPod to the integrated speaker’s USB port, connect your PC using your existing wireless network through the connection on the back of the speaker, and you’ll be listening to your computer’s speaker

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