About AmazonBasics Vintage Retro Bluetooth Speaker

It’s hard to believe that in today’s world, people actually spend a fortune on retro speakers. But that might soon change with the K-10 Bluetooth speaker from Amazon Basics. With an LED light, built-in Bluetooth, and a built-in speaker for a wireless headphone jack, the Bluetooth K-10 sounds phenomenal. There’s even a built-in Bluetooth headphone jack.

The Bluetooth Classic speakers are a great way to get your favorite podcasts on the go. They’re also a great way to keep your Bluetooth speaker off the ground, in your pocket, or with the best of Bluetooth technology from your phone. It’s great to have your favorite podcasts and videos playing right in your car or pocket.

This is a classic Bluetooth speaker that you can still use in all your other speakers. It’s classic and reliable in almost every way.

This Bluetooth speaker comes with a pair of speakers, no amp, and a single button that switches on/off the speakers. It’s quite a bit smaller than most Bluetooth speakers and the design gives you the advantage of having more space to put everything you want in your car, bag, backpack, or a briefcase. Even though it’s a single button remote, it’s so user friendly that you’ll be able to use it in any room. I have two of these and one that is being used already and it works well in almost every

Bluetooth Technology

Made modern with Bluetooth technology, the retro-inspired speaker allows for streaming music wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet, or other device. The speaker offers seamless connectivity.

Enjoy modern technology wrapped up in nostalgic charm with this AmazonBasics Vintage Bluetooth Speaker. The speaker provides sleek retro style—reminiscent of the days when families would gather around the radio after dinner to listen to the news and old-timey tunes. Beautifully housed in wood with polished gold-tone metal accents, the speaker makes a notable addition to any living room, family room, or kitchen.

More than just a conversation piece, the AmazonBasics speaker’s vintage vibe delivers stereo sound that ensures all your favorite playlists come through crisp and clear.

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