About Meifigno Magic Series iPhone 11 Case

The case features a soft protective cover, which keeps your phone screen safe and comfortable. Inside the case you will find two soft touch glass panels to shield your phone from any damage. The Mifigno Magic Series covers all those parts. The case can be used in two ways; the one where you hide the phone behind in your car or home to prevent scratches.

These cases prevent scratches from your iPhone screen and give an extra layer of protection against new scratches by covering the screen.

You know your iPhone isn’t perfectly protected when the screen is cracked and you have to go to a store to get another case. This iPhone screen saver case from Mifigno is designed to keep your iPhone screen safe and comfortable while you still get a perfect view

Meifigno Magic Series iPhone 11 Case

This is our iPhone 11 case. It is made with the best quality leather. We have a unique shape that suits our iPhone series case well. It is the perfect phone for your next outdoor event.

The material is very smooth and durable. There are no scratches to the iPhone 11 or case itself.

The iPhone 11 case has a thin front and a large neck. The iPhone 11 case does not interfere with your phone or the charging circuit of the charger. Because of the sleek look to the iPhone 11 case, any people or pets can put it in a carrier where they have room or a purse. No worries, there is a lanyard attachment.

The design is simple, minimalist, and elegant, but it takes some getting used to for those who are used to traditional cases. But if you are familiar with the design, you will find it a bit easier, especially if you want to keep your new iPhone up-to-date with the latest technology.

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