About Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor

This handy tool allows you to perform any task like juicing fruits and vegetables, cleaning dirty food and even making sauces quickly and easily.

1. The NC900HNC is perfect for juicing any fruits and vegetables, as it is specifically designed with the handle, lid and nozzle to provide a smooth, even flow. In addition to easy insertion and remove, the nozzle can be used to transfer juice in any number of directions, from a circular motion and back. This eliminates any need to flip and lift foods to a desired position for juicing.

2. Use the centrifugal action for juicing fruit and veggies, as the centrifugal force will gently bring the juicer up to and through the food, bringing you juice. The smooth, flow-free action of the rotary tool makes removing and storing food easy and a great way to avoid food from sticking.

3. The NC900DC, a smaller and more compact model, is easy to use and provides you even greater control, as it can be positioned to clean the food thoroughly.

The NC900HEC comes in a nice, rugged, compact design. And it is easy to clean with the included Microfiber Cleaner & Wipe. There are four positions to choose from, including a 1/2″ hole at the top for a 2-1/2″ blade.

The NC900HDC is a juicer that also comes with a two piece, pre-wired replacement filter basket. The filter basket is made of a sturdy, hard plastic and can easily be pushed to the back of the unit to allow access to the reservoir.

Juicing a single plant is very easy. The filter basket works as a sort of reservoir with a single port for filling and draining the reservoir. A wide variety of sizes of herb can be packed into the basket.

Each unit comes with an adapter for easy draining. A small silicone cap with a screw is included on the unit to keep the basket in place.

An interesting and popular feature on the NC900HDC is that the unit also comes with a single unit battery

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