Samsung SSD 860 EVO

Samsung SSD 860 EVO is a 2.5 inch SATA solid state drive based on the Micron MLC NAND flash memory. It has a read speed of 550 MB/sec and a write speed of 520 MB/sec. The drive is built into a slim form factor so it will fit in most PC cases so you can upgrade the flash memory anytime as long as it is fresh.

The SSD also come with a software tool called SSD Tech that can help you with all troubleshooting. The tool, free to try, will walk you through your setup and provide information on how to make the most out of the SSD drive. SSD Tech is also compatible with most of the popular BIOS versions that you might be working on.

It is a great product and does exactly what it claims to. I would be very happy if Asus decided to release more of these in the future but so far all they’ve produced have been of lower quality so it doesn’t seem like they really care to improve.

It is a SATA III SSD that delivers a robust blend of performance, value, durability and affordability. As a premium SSD, the 860 EVO delivers more than 7x the speeds of the SATA 6Gb/s standard and the 7Gb/s data transfer rate is more than double of that of a SSD, making it ideal for HDDs and SSDs of all sizes. Designed with a SATA III interface, the 860 EVO uses three layers of storage and boasts higher reliability as well as an industry-leading durability rating.

The 860 EVO delivers exceptional performance at a price point that will suit even the most demanding applications. With up to 540MB/s sequential read speed and an up to 5100MB/s sequential write speed, the 860 EVO provides the reliability needed to run the latest apps and games smoothly, regardless of the drive’s capacity. The 860 EVO ensures reliability during extended use without impacting performance when the device is left idle.

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