Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is not only a critical tool for getting the perfect consistency to your food, it is also the simplest to make. This pressure cooker makes it incredibly easy to create meals for your family. It features a stainless steel interior, which is dishwasher safe and a separate temperature control dial. When cooking, you can control the cooker at various settings, from medium to high pressure, and the food will be prepped in just 7 minutes per meal. Just connect your smartphone to the pressure plate and cook for up to 6 hours.

What You Get:

• This Instant Pot Duo combines stainless steel base and pan with dual-controls for multi-cooking in 1-quart, 5-quart, and large 6-quart increments—including easy pressure release via a pot handle. Its dual-control technology means it takes only one press to get ready for any of the different programs.

• A dual-speed, continuous high and slow cooker; the dual-speed, continuous high feature is designed to ensure optimal cooking, even on slow schedules. This includes the automatic pressure release feature, which allows you to quickly release pressure, even when only a small amount of liquid remains.

• Two sauté modes—Cook under 400 F with the slow cooker and Under 400.5 F with the high speed—and an extra skillet setting for stirring sauces; this includes four different sautéing methods, including two in a single pan.

The DUO is an excellent multi-purpose pressure cooker that has all the convenience you need. The DUO60 has six cooking settings, a 6 Qt pressure cooker that’s fully automatic, a large LCD digital display with temperature, pressure and cooking time information, a large, stainless steel, 6-quart cooking pot, and a stainless steel rack for easy cleaning. The DUO-60 is a popular choice for home and home-based cooks and is a top choice for people interested in home cooks and food preparation. When cooking meals for more than a small group, you may find the small, compact size of the DUO-60 convenient and the large LCD display helpful because its high contrast makes it easier to read.

The DUO60 provides the convenience of an oven with a slow cook feature for perfect meals. Plus it’s equipped with a large 6-qt. stainless steel pot, which cooks up to 650+ degrees! You can set the temperature to cook the soup at 350 degrees.

You just place the pot in front of your pressure cooker and your pressure cooker does the rest by automatically cooking and then releasing pressure. You won’t have to worry about the temperature when you use the DUO60!

With the DUO60, you can also set the time that the pressure will cook at and you can start the cooker at low pressure. The slow cook feature is a great way to create a dinner that takes 30–45 minutes. For a super quick and easy dinner, just double or triple the amount of broth in the pot.

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