Instant Pot LUX80 8 Qt 6-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

The LUX80 is the latest high-end pressure cooker that incorporates the most recent technology to make pressure cooking even more affordable. While the original LUX70 was the only pressure cooker with an integrated heating element, LUX80 is the culmination of multiple innovations. The LUX80 utilizes a new stainless steel boiler to achieve the same pressure that can be reached with its predecessor.

The cooker also features all of the latest technology to create easy cleanups and to eliminate the need to run the cooker after each use. The multi-use LUX80 features a stainless steel pot to create maximum surface area to produce maximum flavor and create a smooth and consistent steam. The LUX80 also comes with a full-sized thermometer for a completely hassle free cooking experience.

Features LUX80’s Stainless Steel System

The LUX80 is a high-performance, easy to use pressure cooker with an exceptional value. With 8 different pressure settings and six different cooking modes, you can experiment and create the perfect meal. Choose from 3 easy-to-use pressure cookers, all with the latest and greatest technology, including 2.1″ OLED touchscreen, 6-way adjustable pressure-sensitive touchscreen, and a wide field of view.

The LUX80 has an extensive range of innovative features like an instant time control from 0 to +15 minutes, or set your desired pressure when cooking in the microwave or water for easy cooking. A beautiful, black, aluminum design makes preparing meals easy. The LUX80 has advanced temperature settings, so you can make perfectly cooked food even at moderate-to-high temperatures. You also can switch this pressure cooker directly to a pressure-free mode, if you have no choice between the two settings. You can also choose a pressure safety system to make sure the LUX80 keeps food safe during high-pressure cooking without burning.

Safety Without Compromise

Has Been Carefully Designed To Eliminate Many Common Errors Which May Cause Harm

1. Steam Release, 2. Anti-Block Shield ,3. Safety Lid Lock , 4. Lid Position Detection ,5. Automatic Temperature Control 6. Overheat (Burn) Protection, 7. Automatic Pressure Control , 8. Electrical Fuse, 9. Thermal Fuse, 10. Leaky Lid Detection

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