iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder ||

A one touch phone mount and Windshield Car Mount has given my car the ability to stay in my car when I am driving and also when I am parked. I do not feel the need to put it in my passenger seat. It is a must have for my family to get out of the car at night and for my daughter to play with her phone. I have had the mount for almost three years. My car was always in the same spot with the Windshield Car Mount, but now I have a car that stays put with or without the mount. I am impressed with the quality, fit and finish of this product. Thank you for making such a quality product.”

“The mount is easy to adjust and holds very well with or without your phone.

Car mounts and shields are for the car enthusiast, not the person who just wants to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee while sitting in their car. These Car Mounts and Car Shields are for the person that needs to protect their investment. They protect and mount the devices they use most and they keep your gadgets safe when you are away from home. They are designed to hold any USB device and protect it from scratches. These Car Mounts and Car Shields are made with a durable hard-anodized material to protect the glass from scratches and wear, and to help protect it against scratches when using them. These shields are easy to install, but can also be removed to allow you to install other shields or devices such as a GoPro, an HD video camera, or a flash light.

This is the one place you can have everything all in one place. If you are looking for a way to keep your phone in one place this is the place to go. It has a one touch fit which means that there are no more fiddly parts to put in your car to fit your phone. Just put your phone in the holder and plug in your charger. The holder has a mount to screw onto your windshield and will keep your phone secure in your car and in the sun or rain. The handle is removable and there is a mounting plate for attaching other things such as a flashlight or a mini-flashlight. A simple to use and durable design.

This is totally worth the 25 bucks. You can transfer it between vehicles and for most dashes will stick right on.

The mount is not shaky, creepy, or short of features. It held my iPhone X (with case), and before that it held my iPhone 6s Plus. I use this for long distance travel and commuting and t is perfect. The mount makes it very easy to load and unload your phone and change the orientation. This new model looks best out of all of them.

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