Recommend AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED Light

Sometimes I struggle with Amazon Basics. I’ve received great products and really crappy products from the Amazon Basics line. I decided to risk it and I am glad that I did. I love this thing! It’s so portable and easy to store, but I still get great results! Such a convenient tool for product photography. Attaching a couple of images I took inside this. It’s a breeze to move, clean, and use. This little device takes the place of my professional lens, and really makes my job so easy. I really hope that they continue to expand their line of cameras. It’s great for photographers that have an iPad and need something to do with it!

This photo box exceeded my expectations. It’s a breeze to setup – takes 20 seconds, and it intuitively folds open and closed.

The vinyl lining is removable, and seems to repel dust and dirt. Lights provide strong illumination, although I noticed that the lights tend to warm up when the unit is kept on for more than 10-15 minutes at a time.

The best thing about the unit is the large capacity. The inside is big! My cats like to join in on the photo shoots, and there’s room for both of them plus a twelve inch diameter globe.

I also like that there’s plenty of room for storage, and that the unit can be folded in half for easy travel or storage.

I purchased this and was a bit apprehensive about how well a cheap pop-up photo booth could work. I was blown away with the results. What used to take me hours to get nice photos now takes seconds. I have attached a few photos that I took with this photo booth. I did adjust the brightness slightly to remove the grayish hue of the background and force a crisp white background on the image but 2-seconds worth of editing and you are done.

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