Recommend Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Apple devices

Recommend Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Apple devices With this I would like to let you know that it has been over 3 years since I first tried these but they haven’t completely changed since then. After reading the company’s extensive label, I can say that Bose have listened carefully to what they offer with the QuietComfort 25. I can say this is the best headphones I have tried.

Finally purchased these headphones when they were on sale–I had been looking at these, because I did not want bluetooth wireless to avoid having to charge an additional item while traveling. I finally had a chance to try them on an airplane, which was my intended use. It was amazing how much noise these headphones cancelled out, and I was able to watch a movie and listen to music at a normal volume. I also didn’t have to worry about someone else hearing noise from my headphones–very happy with this purchase. Based on other reviewers’ inputs, I did purchase the additional, Square Trade protection plan just in case I need it.

Good sound, top 5 in noise-cancelling headphone options, user replaceable battery (AAA) with long life, user replaceable ear-pads, lightweight, comfortable fit, close-out pricing, nice case included, works well for a big head like mine, ears don’t get too warm after wearing them for a long time, can use the NC feature even without music.
BIG PRO: No annoying voice prompts when you switch the NC feature ON/OFF.

They used a 2.5mm plug for the headset, so you’re stuck with special adapters if you lose your cord.
Bass response is not what I expected for Bose*
Not wireless*
Design feels a little flimsy and cheap.

This headphone is rated as a “Top Rated” noise cancelling headphone by the Customer Service Team, means the rating reflects the customer’s preferences.

  • Please note that these should not be used as a replacement for the “Active Noise Cancelling Headphones”. This device is made for active noise

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