Recommend Bose SoundLink Revolve, Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This lightweight speaker features many of the same features as other Bose speakers: the preamps, outputs, and crossover — but it’s stylish enough to save you the $200 or more it costs to buy one of their towers. It works great with its own five-hour battery, which can last a couple of hours with a full charge, or just a couple of hours with one that’s empty. The speakers look great, too, with matte black finishes and a bright voice-activated remote.

Recommend Bose SoundLink Revolve, Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Rear-View Camera for Widescreen The Bose SoundLink Revolve is a multifunctional Bluetooth speaker that can be controlled with your smartphone. This portable speaker can easily be installed anywhere and, while it can be used while it’s out, it can also be used to enjoy the music while you’re at home.

This is a solid speaker that is well constructed and the sound quality is great! I purchased one of these and used it almost everyday for a little over a month. I then decided to get a second one and now use them both as a pair…the sound obviously is even better now!

This is the most expensive Bluetooth speaker that I own, in the end I guess you get what you pay for…this is hands down my best Bluetooth speaker. It delivers great levels of bass and treble. I can pump up the volume pretty loud and hardly notice any distortions in the quality of the sound.

Pairing is pretty straightforward, and if you have 2 of them you can easily connect the 2 together for use in either Party Mode or Stereo Mode. I primarily use Stereo Mode. Do note that you don’t require the use of the Bose Connect App (BCP) to be able to pair 2 Bose speakers together. I used the BCP for a little while but then stopped using it. The main reason I stopped using the BCP is because it requires location to be turned on, and my phone’s battery drains a lot faster if location is turned on. It does feel a little odd to force the user to turn on location on their phone to be able to use BCP, but then again this isn’t a review of the BCP so I’m not going to ding the speakers for the BCP having that odd requirement 🙂

I have a huge passion for music. When it comes to speakers, Bose is usually one of the first few names that comes to mind. Having said that, this is actually the first Bose product that I’ve ever purchased! And I loved it so much that I ended up getting a second one!

A nice bonus is that these speakers come with a tripod connector as well, so you can use mini-tripods or regular sized tripods to easily elevate (yes, pun intended!) yourself to a higher level of musical enjoyment!

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