Recommend Plantronics-CS540 Convertible Wireless Headset

I purchased this headset a few months back for use at work and at home, when I’m working with technology, and need to be able to talk and listen on my own without any interference from any computers or cell phones that may be in the room. It is a brilliant headset with all of the features one would want. The microphone is built into the headset and works great! It takes great video in and video out.

This works great !! It charges quickly, it last for hours, it is comfortable around the ear, the voice is clear on both ends, no noise or interference. I use this at work. I spend a lot of time on phone/conference calls. It was worth every penny to be wireless and be able to move around or walk a way from my desk if need be. You can stay connected for a good distance. When it was delivered I could not get it to charge, one of the contacts in the base was pushed down to far so it could not connect with the ear piece. Amazon sent me a brand new one and when it arrived I sent the other one back. It was the easiest process and best experience I have ever had with an Online return. It is exactly as described and works great for me. I have no negatives about this product.

This headset is great. I’ve used other Plantronics headsets but this one is wireless and gives me the freedom to move freely without catching a cord on things. I’ve noticed that I hear a little noise on the line if I’ve moved to a place where there are several walls between the headset and the base, but that is to be expected with a low power transceiver. It comes with both an over-the-ear clip, and an over-the-head band, to keep the headset on your head. I like the over-the-head band because it doesn’t put any stress on my ear. It also comes with in-ear adapters, and a cushioned outside-the-ear adapter for the speaker. I prefer the outside-the-ear adapter because I feel like it’s better for my ear when I’m on the phone many hours a day.

I finally wore out my Plantronics corded headset after around 7 years of regular use. As I home office, I enjoy the freedom this headset offers. This headset is very light, flexible and comfortable. The reception throughout the house is very clear with no interference or distortion. Plenty loud, and my hearing is not that great! Others say they can hear me extremely well. I like being able to adjust the volume and put the microphone on mute while I walk around the house or out onto the porch. I may consider getting the “handset lifter” and would probably recommend you get one. It’s kind of a pain to have to remember to lift it yourself to get the headset to work. Unfortunately, my already crowded desk won’t hold much else. I think you’ll really like this product.

Very sleek and lightweight! Battery can last a whole work day even if you periodically put it back to charge. Distance is a plus as well, only knock I would give it is the volume isn’t quite loud enough when all the way up unless in a quite room.

This was purchased for a colleague in my office. He loves it, and has used it daily since we set it up. It did require an a new chip to be installed into our older phone system, but that isn’t a product issue. So far, it has worked quite well, and it frees up his hands to take notes on his keyboard. We very well might buy another. Also, it was cheaper on Amazon than it was through our phone service provider.

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