Recommend Beats Pill+ Portable Speaker

Easy, set up, great performance

The Beats Pill+ portable speaker is the perfect earbud headphone. First of all, it is great. It is the cheapest portable speaker on our list. It is built well, it is simple to set up and then works well. You can listen to music with ease, with low noise, all without wires. It is one of the best handheld portable audio players we’ve reviewed in the past few years.

Overall it is a great sound quality at an affordable price.

Absolutely the loudest, I love it. This speaker really gets loud, I have the Beats Pill 2.0 the first one and it was great and didn’t give me any problems but I wanted the newer one bc it wasn’t loud enough so I ordered it last week. It finally arrived yesterday after some shipping delays but it was well worth the wait. I set it up and now I’m enjoying it, the battery last longer, the sound is much clearer, the pill XL lives up to all the good reviews. I like the design better and it’s almost twice the size of the other pill. I just love it.

I love the Beats Pill+! People have complained about bass levels not being enough, but they may not be placing the speaker in a good location. For the best bass response the Pill+ will have to be placed on a book self, table top with wall behind, or any other place that will give you the sound you’re looking for. Get up off the couch and move that thing around until you find some good spots!

Treble is clear, high hats are very clearly represented but not overly loud. Acoustic guitar sounds incredible crisp coming out of the pill+. The Beats Pill 2.0 (Not this one) sounded horrible when compared side by side with the Pill+. Tested at Bestbuy side by side. Bluetooth wise, my phone is plugged in about 40ft or so away through two walls, sound quality is still excellent without any breaking up problems.

I have had iPhones now for the last few generations and I am used to and have many lighting connected adaptors and cords, so charging the Pill+ and my phone can be accomplished by carrying one single cord. I have been using the pill for about a week now for a couple hours a day at a volume suitable for setting in front of me on the desk. (med – low) and I have yet to charge the battery its at 60% according to the lights.

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