Recommend Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset

This headphone is a must have for even the most hardcore audiophiles, as it gives an extremely spacious soundstage, clarity, bass, and punchy treble, making it very suitable for anything you want to hear.

Have been searching for a headset for to replace another and I made the right choice. While this is comfortable and the quality of the audio received is excellent, my biggest concern is how my voice is transmitted to the caller on the other end (his has been the biggest problem with the old set I had; people said that it sounded like I was on a speakerphone at all times).
When I asked the same people how the audio quality was on this, people have said that it’s a huge improvement and one has said it sounds just like I’m on a land line. That’s what I’m looking for! Also there seems to be a better speed in processing my voice where with the other one there was a half to one second delay which could be extremely annoying as we would tend to step on each other during a call.

There are two concerns I have: 1) the tactile surface, while comfortable, gathers dust, and scratches making it visually unappealing, but who is going to notice this but me? 2) This comes with a custom USB charger connection (see attached picture). I can’t stand custom charger connections! This requires that I take it with me everywhere I go or purchase additional ones to have them in all the various places that I might need it, Office, Car, Travel Bag, etc. Also, if anything were to happen to it, I wouldn’t be able to use a stock charge cord in a pinch. That’s real frustration but I’m not going to let it get me down. It’s otherwise a great headset and I’m going to give this a full 5 stars based on the headset alone because audio quality is of the utmost importance.

I’ve been using the Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset for a month now with my Samsung Note 8, and the sound quality is excellent. People don’t even know I’m in the car when I am talking to them, and I can hear them crystal clear. The headset is also quite comfortable. I sometimes even forget that I’m wearing it. It comes with multiple ear buds. The headset is also reversible for wearing on the right or left ear. The talk time is long. On a full charge it has seven hours of talk time. The voice commands also work extremely well. In fact the voice commands work even better through the headset than through the phone.

t is just a bit better than the Voyager Pro that I had before, which I already loved. One of the problems the Pro had which bugged me is when I had it on and in my hear, when I answered a call on my iPhone it would not automatically switch to the earpiece, I’d have to wait a few seconds for the call to connect and then bring up the sound options and switch from phone to ear piece, meanwhile the caller was like “hello? hello? hello?” every time! Now the new Voyager is smart enough to put the call in my ear piece if it’s in my ear. By the way, that problem had never happened with the Voyager Pro when I had a Droid, it only started when I switched to iPhone.

Another thing I totally love about this is how I can now say “Answer” or “Reject” when a call comes in and maybe the phone is two rooms away, if I have the Voyager in my ear I get the call and a voice prompt. It’s so cool being able to answer or reject without running to get my phone.

And finally, I think the design is ever so slightly a better fit for my ear – I find I need less adjusting when I’m walking down the street wearing it.

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