Recommend Sonos Sub – The Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass

This expensive subwoofer is a worthy addition to almost any combination of Sonos speakers. It’s well made, heavy and easy to install. I have the Play5 in a stereo pair in a family room, with the sub hidden behind the couch and the low frequency sound mysteriously appears, smooth and punchy. It took a few tries with Trueplay to adjust to the final speaker locations, but the sub is very complimentary to all volumes and kinds of music. Note: Even after performing Trueplay, some sub adjustment might be necessary and can be done thru the Sonos App / Settings / Room Settings / Advanced Audio / Sub. You can also easily turn on and off the sub in the app – and it will become very apparent how much the sub adds to the overall effect.

I added it to a stereo pair of PLAY:1’s and it transformed the listening experience.
It arrived today. Setup took about 20 minutes from the time I picked it up at the front door until I was enjoying the sound.
Setup was about as simple as it could be. Plug it in, add it to the system using the instructions in the app and enjoy
Appearance is simple and clean, a real benefit considering many subwoofers are a decorating disaster.

I love bass in movies and music and all my life have bought Bose
I’ve tried Sonos and I absolutely love it and it’s worth every penny this is my new speakers for everything

This base is the best equipment I have ever seen, or heard!! Hands down
I have the playbar, 2 play:1’s ,and the subset up in 5.1 surround and 2 more play:1’s set up in stereo listrd to the patio in the app. but are hanging on the wall next to playbar and it fills every square inch of my TV room and let me tell it sounds amazing!! Truly 1st class the base is so deep and rumbling you think theres an earthquake.watching movies is now an experience that you might get only at the theatre the base is unbelievable words dont do it justice.
it really brings the theatre to your living room. I was so impressed I went and got a beam, another base and 2 sonos ones for the master bedroom and a play 5 for the garage

This thing is expensive but it is a work of art. Looks small but once properly setup it can hit very hard. Just so you know what kind of listener I am, I have subwoofers on all my cars. So no sissy bass for me. I am using it in a room about 18×35 and it will go low and loud with the right tunes. Highly recommend it. These Sonos units have me addicted!

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