Recommend Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

With top-of-the-line ingredients from some of North Carolina’s most famous independent bread makers and breakfast restaurants, the Breakfast Sandwich Maker is the solution to your next morning’s cravings for savory chicken-fried steak.

This product is absolutely everywhere. Amazon, Target, Walmart, Marshall’s and it is an absolute joy to own.

When i purchased my first one for the Dorm room it was a gimmick and a joke. Little did i know i was going to be running my very own short order diner when it came to playing FiFA with the boys or having late night Netflix and BEC’s.

It has been stolen countless times and I have replaced it twice. During the periods of when the Glorious Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker was stolen it was some of my lowest times. I moved out of the state of New Jersey because if i couldn’t represent my home with its state sandwich then what else could the great NJ offer to me. I rented an apartment in Bushwick to try and forget my troubles.

Eventually the Stolen Machines made it back and I now have the firepower to feed a room of 15 in about 30 minutes.I couldn’t be happier.
Many people say you don’t know how many friends you have until you win the lottery.
I don’t think people know what its like in college when you are known as the guy with the BEC (Bacon Egg and Cheese for the uninitiated) maker and inflatable hot tub

I also purchased a few of these for White elephant Christmas and they were the absolute most stolen items during those get togethers.

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