Recommend Razor A Kick Scooter

After 6 years of interest and development, Razor has released its first full-sized, high-performance, zigzagging skateboard. The Razor C2.0 FMS is a formidable addition to any collection, putting it squarely in the middle of the pack of high-end performance boards. Crafted with attention to detail, the C2.0 features a low, curved spine for agility, smooth, responsive feel and a fast-twitch, powerful kick response. Thanks to its upgraded coating, sleek high-carbon, and sleek, damped,

These are so much better than the scooters my children grew up with – because they fold!! Brilliant concept. This seems to be holding up well, but it’s mostly been used indoors thus far. We won’t know until the weather warms how the wheels hold up to roads.

Good quality product. Our daughter loves it and rides it every day, so it’s gotten some good use already in the less than a month’s time that we’ve owned the product. It’s been ridden outside on the sidewalk and the pavement of the road and the wheels are holding up well under the wear and tear. Would definitely purchase again, especially from this seller.

If I knew how inexpensive Razor Scooters are I would have bought my daughter one sooner! What a deal! She plays with it every day. Extremely durable. All the kids in our neighborhood have one and now I know why!

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